This is a collection of easily traceable line art with their exemplar for ideas on how each piece was painted in period. Please make sure to attribute the line artist on the back of each scroll.

Click on the accordion for a drop down gallery of images then click on the image you would like to use. All images should pop up a high resolution version that you may then save.  Some images are already in the correct layout for 8×10 and 9×12 scrolls and can be printed without resizing but please check the Print View before printing.

**This page is continuously being edited and added to. Please, check back regularly for more line art.**

1. Please credit me! Jadwiga Radomyskowa of the Thornwold Scriptorium, Kingdom of An Tir
2. Please show me what you’ve done with them!
3. If you need a high-rez version of it, please email me at with the number of the one(s) you need.